Integration between nature and human work

This is the project we work for

Since 1990 STUDIO PROGETTO & GIARDINO has completed large and small scale landscaping projects that include residential gardens, terraces and public parks. The practice will address specific needs which may include pool and decking layouts, ground stability, stone pathways, electrical lighting and irrigation. At the initial survey we will give free estimates which will be followed by a initial draft of the project design and implementation. We will develop plans which will take into consideration each individual client's needs and offer our ideas which can be evaluated by the client. After this initial phase and approval by the client, final plans will be designed. Only with the expertise of a professional can the result be met for a successful and pleasing landscaping project.

A good project must be carried out by expert hands, with appropriate skills. This is why STUDIO PROGETTO & GIARDINO offers the possibility to perfectly execute all the aspects designed by extremely qualified companies, each one in its own field. Our works management will follow and coordinate all the operational phases.

STUDIO PROGETTO & GIARDINO meets these qualifications with the addition of work performed by qualified contractors, each one being experts in their area. Our office will follow and coordinate all phases of the work.  Over time gardens require maintenance. The care of a garden should include the need of the client, professional assistance of a project planner and the requirements of the environment.  The pruning, fertilization, mowing of grass, and all other labor required in order to maintain the original look of each garden are important and when not performed correctly can result in a damaged garden as often can be seen. Studio Progetto and Giardino will perform all maintenance including on an annual contract basis.


The design and construction of gardens, terraces, irrigation systems also in 2019 can benefit from the